No more lost socks...

Sockeez is super simple to use!
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Your socks are safe

Are there tiny gnomes living in caverns underneath your laundry appliances and collecting your socks to use for trade? Yes? Well with Sockeez your socks will be safe! Just clip them together with the innovative Sockeez disc and Voilà, you have just set your socks up for the best paired, organised and simplest laundry experience ever!

Sockeez quick facts

12 in a pack
Washing machine safe up to 90°C
Tumble and spin dryer safe
Has handy hanging hooks

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Cool Colour Co-Ordination

Do you spend a ridiculous amount of time sorting and pairing your socks? There's an easier way to get this done! Colour co-ordinate your socks by size or owners with Sockeez! It’s so easy to stay organized and even simpler to neatly pack them away in your draws.

Handy Hanging Hooks!

Just take your paired socks from the washing machine or dryer and hand them onto the line. Sockeez has handy hanging hooks that will work on any washing line! How easy was that… Sockeez even save you line space with their nifty hanging hooks.

Washing machine safe

Sockeez are tumble dryer and washing machine safe up to 95°C! This allows you to perfectly pair your socks together from before washing until you safely pack them away.

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