It’s an ongoing occurrence. If you’re not replacing older appliances in the home, you’re probably outfitting and decorating your new home or apartment from scratch! Whether you want to cook, bake, fry, grill, blend, cool, iron or purify… we have that perfect small appliance just for you.

Our incredible range of high quality small appliances will make your life simpler, easier and efficient with just a touch of a button! From Bennett Read Blenders, Pressure Cookers and Cold Press Juicers to our captivating Bennett Read kettles, irons and fans. We want our products to have multiple functions and be suitable for numerous purposes around the home. Introducing our Bennett Read, 8-in-1 Gourmet Chef which is a space-saving system that replaces at least 8 kitchen appliances. We also have the Bennett Read Kitchen Boss which is in fact, the BOSS… a professional all-in-one, chopping, blending, whipping and grinding machine.

Versatile should, ideally, be our second name.

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