You’re busy and we know it. Our great range of kitchen and home appliances gives you more time to spend doing the things you love.

Do you love food? Prepare amazing drinks and smoothies for your family with the Bennet Read Nutrition Extractor. 1200W of power means you can blitz and prepare in seconds. Are you on-the-go? Then use the Bennet Read Go-Go Blender, where you can blend and drink in the same bottle. Do you enjoy cooking? The Bennet Read 8-in-1 Gourmet Chef is a multifunctional cooking solution, designed to save space and replace 8 appliances. Perfect for a small home, university digs or first house. You can bake, fondue, deep-fry, steam, slow cook, boil, roast and sauté. Plus there is the Bennet Read Kitchen Boss, your rofessional all-in-one chopping, blending, whipping & grinding system

Getting ready for summer but hating the heat? You can cool off in- and outdoors with Bennet Read Misting fans built to suit your home. It’s the portable solution you have been looking for!

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  • Bennett Read Indoor Misting Fan


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  • Go Pure 5-Stage Water Purifier


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  • Bennett Read Kitchen Boss


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  • Bennett Read Go-Go Blender


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