Get the most out of your music, with our incredible range of bluetooth shoX speakers. Our shoX speakers are engineered for quality, hours of playback and great bluetooth range. Whether you’re at home alone or just laying by the pool with friends our speakers are made to go wherever you do. shoX dynamix is out of this world with it’s back to back features that will leave you in awe by it’s small size, but incredibly booming sound!

shoX Swagga is on another level with light up subs and a microphone port to bust out your favourite tunes. shoX Inferno boasts an electric hot design and bonus 2.9m corded microphone! Now who’s talking!? shox Sync and shoX Sync Limited Edition allow you to sync up for an unparalleled true splashproof stereo experience.

If you’re not impressed, theBlaze and Kaboom will change your mind with the latest v5.0 Bluetooth, multiple ports, FM radio and karaoke features. Even hang them over your shoulder, listen through two primary speakers and control the sound according to how you like it!

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