A guaranteed 800 hours of motor use, super robust and made of high-impact polymers, our range of commercial Bennett Read vacuums are all perfect for home as well as office use.

Living up to his name, the Bennett Read Stealth sneaks up on us with its quality, high-efficiency 800W motor that is ultra-quiet, eco-friendly and super-efficient.

Need something with a little more power? Try the Bennett Read Tough 35, the wet-dry-blow cleaning solution that is complete with an extra-large 35-litre dirt collection capacity.

Want even MORE power and capacity? Really? Alright then… Well, you should then try our Bennett Read Tough 60. This wet-dry-blow vacuuming system and huge 60-litre dirt collection capacity vacuum is built to last!

Our vacuums are tough, but cleaning your home or office shouldn’t be.

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