You know what sucks? Dirt… and oh goodness, don’t we know it! Choosing a vacuum cleaner can be tiresome. They all do the same thing, don’t they? Well, yes, they “suck up dust”, but that’s not all they should do. Our range of Bennett Read Vacuum Cleaners are the Number One brand in SA and come with a variety of features to exceed the needs and challenges in your household.

For instance, Our Bennett Read Hydro has an advanced water filtration system, washable micro-particle filter and is designed for both wet and dry use. The almost-indestructible Bennett Read Tough range performs multiple robust functions, comes in various sizes and offers multi-surface cleaning. We also have the Bennett Read Whisper, that at 56 decibels, is super-silent.

What’s more, we have compact cordless handheld devices, like the Bennett Read Swift that is designed for those quick clean-ups, even hard-to-reach places in your car! It’s easy to say you’re sorted, with our great range of dust-busters that will rid your home of spills, allergens, germs and dust.

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