Your home is your castle. Let us help you to keep it clean and tidy with a range of household goods designed to make your life neat, clean and convenient. Want to dry clothes in a rush? The Bennett Read DriBuddi is a convenient, cost effective, green way to dry your clothes, using 65% less electricity. You can iron them using our Rapid Cover and then store them in our VacBags for protection!

How about keeping your TVs and moitors clean? Use the Kibo Screen Cleaner to remove fingerprints, dust, oils and other debris with an anti-static gel formula.

Keep your home secure and bright  with a range of lights and sensors from Magneto. Motion sensors lights and LED lanterns from Magneto suit every need, plus they are solar compatible.

Neaten your bathroom without any screws using the Powerloc range of suction system trays, holders and hooks.

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