Maintaining your house shouldn’t be a chore and neither should cleaning your pool… Final is the all-in-1 pool care solution that will dive in to meet all of your pool maintenance needs. Use just once-a-week to kill bacteria, control algae and maintain pH! Effortless!

Our Bennett Read Pressure Washers are the epitome of versatile outdoor cleaning. The XTR1400, XTR1800 and XTR2000 Bennett Read Pressure Washers are even perfect for washing your car! On that note… our Body Guard automotive range is the best choice for a waterless wash! Yes, you heard right. Waterless wash. The Body Guard range includes a Wash and Wax, Window Cleaner, Tyre Polish and Rim and Mag Cleaner. What a great way to save water as well as the environment with this 100% eco-friendly car wash range.

Keep your home bright with our delightful range of Magneto lights. Whether you’re going camping and in need of torches, floodlights and spotlights or you’re just needing outside string lights to brighten up your backyard, Magneto has you lit up with multiple innovative options! Even load shedding is a thing of the past when it comes to Magneto and its powerful rechargeable LED lantern!

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