As the world gets more advanced, so do our toys! We have taken electric scooters, hoverboards and skateboards to the next level! Our ride-ons are all ready to tear up the streets with their powerful motors, unique technologies and super-fresh designs.

Choose from a wide range of ride-ons that will not only help get your kids active, but aid in building physical confidence and coordination. Your kids will have plenty of fun on their next riding adventure with the Zingo Drifta 360! Let loose with fast-paced, spinning and drifting electric fury.

Our Zingo Move + and Zingo Move 2.0 are two-wheeled electric devices that are purely operated by your feet and can cruise up to 15km/h! The Zingo Move boasts an internal gyrostabilizer while the Zingo Move 2.0 has breakthrough self-stabilizing technology which ensures an easy-to-learn riding experience. Plus you can now transform your Zingo Move into a super-fun Zingo Hovercart!

So go on, let your kids (or you… we’re not judging) be in control.

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