Kids love toys because, urm yea… they’re fun! Playing with toys is their way of picking up skills to prepare them for the real world. Plus, they provide so much enjoyment and happiness, both of which help build their confidence and self-esteem. Our amazing range of toys caters for kids of all ages (even adults) and allows for many hours of fun!

Our Nexx remote-controlled cars are filled with off- and on-road excitement, high speeds and countless driving features.

Gloop slime and putty are on another level. Stretch, twist, mould, bounce and tear! Watch how it changes colour, glows in the dark or blasts your senses with incredible scents!

Our Wazooka Splat Attack balls are perfect for the beach and pool parties. Soak ‘em and throw ‘em! Hours of reusable waterbomb fun.

Our toy range reflects kids’ ever-growing interests and we have everything your little one needs to make their statement in the world! As kids, we always tend to remember a specific toy and that’s what we strive to create… products that kids are going to love and remember for a lifetime.

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