Are you raising a tech savvy kid? Get them off that couch, and outside with our range of incredible tech toys!

Our Nexx remote-controlled cars are filled with off- and on-road excitement, high speeds and countless driving features. Just when you think the rain has ruined the kids weekend fun, our Nexx Rock Rovers roll up to the challenge with their water-resistant design and rugged tyres and motors!

Nexx Laser Tag is next level gaming! Choose your team, plan your attack, and let the games begin. With the Nexx Laser Tag Blasters, each weapon has a different magazine capacity, firing impact, and realistic action sounds. They require no ammo, making it 100% safe and suitable for all ages… You’re welcome, mom! Not to mention they also have a built-in life indicator which lets you know when it’s time to retreat and take cover! Look at that, just like a video game, but so much better!

No need for wifi… just the great outdoors! So get your kids active and in the open air with our range of tech toys.

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