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Take the stress out of your monthly food shopping and meal preparations with the powerful Bennett Read Vacuum Sealer! Buy your food in bulk and save yourself time… and money! 

Extend the life of your food, up to 5 times, with the extraction-powered Bennett Read Vacuum Sealer! This vacuum sealer consists of a semi-industrial quality extraction pump that removes the air that damages your food for longer lasting freshness. The quick seal function is perfect for resealing opened snack bags and even seal delicate foods such as fruit and vegetables. Place your sealed Bennett Read Vacuum Sealer bags in the freezer and your food can last up to several months!

Suck out the air, seal in the freshness and preserve the flavours and nutrients of your food with just one touch of a button! The seal solution.

  • Powerful compressor that creates a perfect vacuum
  • Premium design with simple one-touch controls.
  • Manual extraction override for delicate foods
  • Food-grade durable plastic that is suitable for sous vide cooking
  • 1 x 3m food-grade plastic roll included


Note: Food should not be sealed while it is still hot, as this can harbour bacteria growth. Wait for your food to cool to air temperature before using the Bennett Read Vacuum Sealer.

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Warranty: 1 Year

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The powerful, sealing solution
Extend the life of your food up to 5 times with the extraction-powered Bennett Read Vacuum Sealer. Lock in the freshness, preserve flavour & carefully seal delicate foods.

Extraction power to lock in the freshness
The Bennett Read Vacuum Sealer is equipped with a semi-industrial quality extraction pump which removes the air that damages your food and locks in freshness. We’ve also included a manual extraction override for the sealing of delicate foods.

Quick-seal function
Effortlessly reseal opened chip, peanut & other snack bags with the Quick-Seal function.

Perfect for sous vide cooking
The Bennett Read Vacuum Sealer includes a 3 metre food-grade durable plastic roll which is also suitable for sous vide cooking.

Extended warranty
Your Bennett Read Vacuum Sealer comes standard with a 1 year guarantee. Register it online at and we’ll extend it to a full 2 years.

Additional information
Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 39.7 × 8.8 × 19.6 cm

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