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Go Pure 5-Stage Water Purifier


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Water is essential to our health…however, in many cities and towns around our country, the quality of the water treatment and supply has deteriorated dramatically. It is crucial that you insist on pure and safe drinking water for your family.

Our Go Pure 5 Stage Water Purifiers use 5 different filters that are certified to remove bacteria, lead, cadmium, chlorine, cancer causing carcinogens and other heavy metals and impurities. It’s easy to install, as well as replace filters, and is designed to restore your water to its purest state, adding back the essential minerals and improving the taste. Purify up to 6000 litres (in one year) in the comfort of your own kitchen! Safe for your family and easy on your wallet!

  • Advanced 5-Stage Filtration Process
  • Removes harmful impurities
  • Adds essential minerals
  • Improves water taste
  • Easy to install
  • Replaceable filters available

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Warranty: 6 Months

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Advanced 5-Stage Filtration Process
The filtration process uses 5 different filters to remove organics, turbidity, chlorine, odour, bacteria and other harmful substances. Now that’s a thorough cleaning! Not only does the Go Pure Water Purifier remove impurities in your water supply, but it also adds essential minerals that it needs.

The healthy choice for your family
Even after water has been treated by your local municipality, it can still pick up harmful contaminants such as rust from the pipes in your home. So make the smart choice and let the Go Pure Advanced 5-Stage Filtration Process give your family the water quality they deserve.

Installation is as easy as 1,2,3…
Installing the Go Pure Water Purifier is so easy that you can do it yourself in 3 simple steps! Just follow the steps on the packaging and voilà! There you have it! Cleaner, healthier water right from the tap in your own home.

Cost savings!
Once installed, the Go Pure water filtration system purifies over 6000 litres in a 12month period. It is also over 300X cheaper than bottled water!

Additional information
Dimensions 3154 × 3154 × 3154 cm
Packaged dimensions

41(B) x 17(W) x 45(H) cm

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