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The Kibo cloths are super absorbent and can be used both wet or dry with an extensive range of applications. Their ultra-fine fibres scour away at dirt and grime and the microfibre filaments are so fine they even lift bacteria! Dust, polish, clean and even remove grease with little to no effort.

They also come in a colour co-ordinated pack that allows for use in specific areas of your home because there is NOTHING worse than a cleaning cloth from the bathroom finding its way into the kitchen. In each pack you’ll get 2 Kibo green cloths for the bathroom, two Kibo blue cloths for the kitchen, 2 Kibo coral cloths for the living room and 2 Kibo grey cloths for cleaning outside! Go ahead and make it Kibo clean!

  • Ultra-fine fibres easily remove dirt grime and bacteria
  • Super-absorbent and holds up to 5X its weight in water
  • Colour co-ordinated for your cleaning convenience and hygiene
  • Machine washable – endures up to 300 washes
  • Safe and non-scratch
  • 8 Piece value pack


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Power of microfibre
Cleaning traditionally involved using a solvent (cleaning chemical) to dissolve the dirt and grime which was then absorbed by a cloth. But with Orange Blitz the microscopic fibres literally SCOUR away dirt and grime. This theory is powerfully put into practice when cleaning grease off of a mirror… all it takes is one pass (no chemicals) and all the residue is gone. Blitz microfibre filaments are so fine they even lift bacteria.

Cleaning made easy
Using Orange Blitz Microfibre is like having a secret helper cleaning your home… Fine clean the bath and shower in seconds, blitz away grease around the stove without effort and dusting and polishing has never been easier.

Colour co-ordinate your cleaning
There is nothing worse than a cleaning cloth from the bathroom finding its way into the kitchen. To stop this from ever happening in your home we have created the colour co-ordinated Kibo Terry Bulk Pack. In each pack you’ll get three Kibo Green cloths for outside and two Kibo Orange cloths for the kitchen and three kibo Pink Cloths for the bathroom.

Additional information
Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 17.5 × 6 × 37.5 cm
Packaged dimensions

17.5(D) x 6(W) x 37.5(H) cm

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