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Touchless Car Cleaning Formula 1l


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The incredible, touchless formula for the quickest, most convenient car wash ever! 1L

Just spray it on, then allow a few minutes for the formula to remove dirt & grime for the ultimate deep clean. Then simply rinse off the foam & wipe your car dry. Effortless!

Super-concentrated, eco-friendly, biodegradable & safe to use on all paint-types, even metallics!

  • Super fast, easy application
  • Touchless, biodegradable, water based 1L formula
  • Non-corrosive, non-flammable and non-toxic
  • Use this touchless formula with your Bennett Read Pressure Washer. Compatible to use with any other pressure washer
  • Excellent deep cleaning and grime removal properties
  • Standard Dilution: 250 ml of formula per 500-750 ml of water (do not use warm or hot water)
  • Add 250 ml of formula to the container of the pressure washer foam dispenser first & then fill with water. Not suitable for onboard pressure washer soap dispensers
  • Only suitable for use with high-quality pressure washer foam dispensers
  • For best results use the Bennett Read FOAM DISPENSER attachment


  • After dilution, attach the Foam Dispenser to the Pressure Washer grip trigger as per manufacturer instructions
  • Cover your vehicle in a layer of Touchless Car Wash Formula foam
  • Allow the foam to sit on the car surface for 3-5 minutes, then rinse off completely with the regular spray lance attached to your high-pressure washer trigger gun
  • For best results, dry your vehicle with a shammy or any non-scratch soft, absorbent cloth

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