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The ultimate high-pressure washer attachment for effortless, touchless cleaning and incredible results. Car washing and outdoor cleaning has
never been quicker or easier!

  • Fill with Bennett Read TOUCHLESS FORMULA for an unbelievably quick, effective wash – just foam, then rinse. No buckets, sponges or scrubbing!*
  • Generates high-density foam, ideal for washing cars, boats and motorbikes
  • Adjustable nozzle and foam output for the perfect -round clean
  • Durable and premium brass components for ultimate longevity and heavy-duty cleaning
  • 750ml Bottle provides more foam to take on even the largest cleaning jobs
  • 250ml Touchless Formula included

*When used with Bennett Read TOUCHLESS CAR WASH FORMULA – available at leading retailers.
**Dry with a car cloth or shammy to avoid water marks.
***Compatible with most Bennett Read and other High-Pressure Washers. Check your model for compatibility.
Also compatible with Body Guard Car Shampoo and most other regular high foam cleansing agents.

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Warranty: 1 Year

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