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Packed with a premium, higher quality 1800W motor, 140 bar pressure and 400l/h max flow rate the Bennett Read XTR1800 is the tool for any dirty situation!

Equipped with a super long 5m hose, extended handle, tri-axial plunger pump, onboard detergent bottle and adjustable spray lance you can clean mildew on tiles and patios, remove tar and oil stains from concrete driveways and even give your car a quick wash! 

The XTR1800 is all you need for easy, efficient cleaning! 


  • More powerful, durable 1800W motor
  • Higher 140 bar pressure
  • Tri-axial plunger pump
  • Thermal cut-off switch
  • Inlet water filtration
  • Multi-purpose spray lance
  • Includes foam spray kit and turbo lance
  • Rugged rear wheels for mobility and stability
  • Extra long 5m hose for ease of use

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Warranty: 1 Year

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Powerful, premium quality high pressure washer
The Bennett Read XTR1800 is a powerful, premium quality high-pressure washer for heavy duty cleaning. With a more powerful, durable 1800W motor, it blasts away dirt with ease and operates with greater efficiency. Complete with maximum 140 bar pressure and 400l/h max flow rate, you can tackle the most stubborn dirt, grime and stains.

All-round, versatile cleaning
The Bennett Read XTR1800 comes complete with a Tri-Axial plunger pump to improve pump
performance by increasing pressure & cleaning power providing you with the power & versatility to clean any surface with ease. We’ve also included an inlet water filtration attachment to remove large impurities from water to prevent blockages & protect the pump.

Ergonomic design for ease of use
Get more versatility and flexibility with the super long 5m high-pressure hose and extended handle. The rugged rear wheels of the Bennett Read XTR1800 allow for easy manoeuvrability & stability on cobbled driveways or rough concrete. Now, that’s all you need for easy, efficient cleaning.

Foam Spray Kit
The Bennett Read XTR1800 comes standard with an onboard detergent bottle which can be filled with a high-foam detergent to produce foam through the spray lance, adding speed & convenience to any wash. We’ve also included an multi-purpose, adjustable lance and a turbo lance. The Multi-Purpose Lance can be adjusted from “wide spray” to “focused jet” to tackle everyday outdoor cleaning while the Turbo Lance blasts away the toughest dirt with ease.

Additional information
Weight 9.6 kg
Dimensions 35.3 × 30.3 × 53.3 cm

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