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Let the Magneto Night Explorer LED Headlamp light your way! This ultra bright, 120 Lumens headlamp emits a potent glow that illuminates your path, wherever you are, hands-free! The Magneto Night Explorer LED Headlight features 4 unique modes that makes it the perfect versatile accessory. Portable and small, this lightweight headlamp is convenient to pack so you can take it camping, fishing and hiking. It’s even super useful in case of emergencies, load-shedding or breakdowns. – Strap it on and use it for up to 50 hours! 

  • Powerful 120 lumen LED emergency light
  • High quality, adjustable and comfortable headband
  • 4 Modes: Bright, Medium, Red Static and Red Pulse
  • Perfect for camping, fishing, braaing, hiking, emergencies and DIY
  • 3 x Magneto AAA batteries included
  • 1 Year warranty with online registration

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Warranty: 1 Year

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Extra bright
The Magneto® Night Explorer LED Headlight is extra bright emitting a potent 120 lumens of illumintation. Shining over 40 metres in high mode and providing up to 50 hours of light in low mode, it’s a must-have in your home.

Ergonomic design
Complete with a high quality adjustable headband and 4 unique lighting modes—Bright, Medium, Red Static and Red Pulse—the Magneto® Night Explorer LED Headlight is ultra-versatile.

All-purpose, all the time
Thanks to the 4 unique lighting modes, the Magneto® Night Explorer LED Headlight is perfect for camping, fishing and hiking as well as being super-handy in case of emergencies, power cuts or breakdowns.

Batteries included
Each Magneto® Night Explorer LED Headlight includes 3X Magneto AAA batteries.

Additional information
Weight 2.74 kg
Dimensions 51 × 39.5 × 17 cm

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