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Wazooka Splat Attack


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Water balloons, we love ‘em! But ugh, tying them up can be so tedious… and just in seconds, they pop and the fun is all over, but not with Wazooka Splat Attack balls. They are perfect for pool parties and give you hours of reusable water bomb fun! With three colours to choose from, create teams, plan your attack, soak the Splat Attack balls and let the games begin.

Go on and hit ‘em with your best shot!

  • Soak ‘em and throw ‘em!
  • Hours of reusable water bomb fun
  • Includes X4 Red, X4 Green and X4 Blue Splat Attack balls
  • Build your team and let the battles begin!
  • Perfect for beach days, pool parties and more!
  • Ages 3+

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Warranty: 1 Year

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Beat the water balloon blues!
Water balloons, we love ‘em! But ugh, tying them up can take hours… And in seconds, those little guys pop and the fun is over. Check out Wazooka Splat Attack , just soak ‘em and throw ‘em!

Soak ‘em and throw ‘em
Wazooka Splat Attack gives you hours of reusable waterbomb fun. All you need is a bucket of water to get the waterbomb fun started. Simply soak the Splat Attack balls in the water, aim and fire! It’s that easy!

The fun never ends!
Wazooka Splat Attacks can be used again and again and AGAIN! This means no more trips to the shop to buy those pesky water balloons!

Build your team
Each Wazooka Splat Attack pack comes complete with X4 Red, X4 Green and X4 Blue Splat Attack balls. All that’s left for you to do is build your team, plan your attack and let the games begin!

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Dimensions 4552 × 4552 × 4552 cm
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