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Don’t mess with the XTR1800 Dynamic! The ultimate High-Pressure Cleaner for any dirty situation!

Combined with a powerful 1800W motor, 140 bar pressure, multi-purpose adjustable spray nozzle, tri-axial plunger pump & super-large hose reel, this power washer is able to clean dirt, grime & any outdoor surface with ease! Blast away the toughest dirt & stains by adjusting the nozzle to “wide spray” for gentle cleaning or “focused jet” for hard surfaces & stubborn dirt. The onboard detergent bottle can even be filled with a high-foam detergent to produce foam through the spray lance for easy & efficient one-time cleaning! Complete with rugged wheels & a quick-release handle to allow the XTR 1800 Dynamic to easily move around your home & garden, adding speed & convenience to any cleaning task. Clean mildew off of tiles & patios, remove tar & oil stains from concrete driveways & even give your car a quick wash! 

  • Powerful 1800W motor & 140 bar pressure
  • Super-blast the toughest dirt & stains with the power of the turbo nozzle
  • Tri-axial plunger pump that increases pressure & cleaning power
  • Thermal cut-off switch to prevent overheating & extend lifespan
  • Inlet water filtration to prevent blockages to protect the pump
  • Multi-purpose spray lance
  • Foam Spray Kit – Spray foam directly from the convenient onboard detergent bottle
  • Rugged rear wheels 
  • Extra-long 5m flexible hose & extended handle
  • Storage features: Onboard spray trigger & lance storage, onboard power cable hook, onboard detergent bottle storage & onboard nozzle storage

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Warranty: 1 Year

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Includes a Turbo Nozzle to blast away the toughest dirt with ease.

The Multi-Purpose Lance can be adjusted from “wide spray” to “focused jet” to tackle everyday outdoor cleaning.

The onboard detergent bottle can be filled with a high-foam detergent to produce foam through the spray lance, adding speed and convenience to any wash.

Your Bennett Read XTR 1800 Dynamic comes standard with a 1 year guarantee. Register your guarantee online at and we’ll extend it to a full 2 years.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 41 × 33.6 × 51 cm

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