About us

Welcome to Tevo
We are a passionate South African business specialising in the sourcing, development, marketing and distribution of innovative, high-quality products.

Innovation – Tevo is built on a foundation of passionate and never-ending innovation. We travel far and wide, working with leading developers and suppliers of products the world over. Tevo will never bring a conventional product to market. The product always has to bring a new trend, make life easier or bring improvement to the lives of our customers. Tevo is always innovative, always first to market, always top quality and, as a credit to our innovation - often copied through dreadful, cheap imitations.

High Quality – Quite simply, we are fanatical about quality! All products are subjected to rigorous in-house R&D testing. Prototypes and final production samples are distributed to independent customer groups for testing and feedback. Each product must meet the need for which it was designed and furthermore, it must prove to be strong and durable to continue to meet the need for many years to come. Accordingly, Tevo products are extensively guaranteed beyond the purchase date. To ensure quality compliance, Tevo products meet and exceed the international standards as applied by the various recognised quality assurance bureaus (TUV-GS (Germany), CE Approval (Europe) or SABS (South Africa).)

Marketing – Innovative product concepts will, by definition be new and unknown to the consumer. To bring broad market awareness of our innovations, Tevo uses powerful advertising, digital marketing and extensive PR to communicate the features and benefits of each product and offers consumers the option of either purchasing direct via the Tevo online, our many factory outlets or alternatively visiting one of our blue chip retail partners.

Distribution – Tevo products are stocked only by the most reputable retail chains in Southern Africa. While we recognise that our products are most likely seen for the first time through our various advertising channels, we encourage consumers to visit a retail store nearby - to see, touch and feel and to be assured of the quality before taking them home to see how Tevo innovations are guaranteed to make your life easier!